The Birth of Milan

“Because no good story ever started with a salad...! "

These are the words of a wise man who surely had a great appetite but contrary to what one might think, the name Milan does not come from the country. It is the name of a baby boy that was born at the same time as the restaurant. A new life for a new milestone in the history of this entrepreneurial family. For several years, the Abou Assi family has celebrated life with all the flavors that give us the urge to live life to the fullest. With more than 25 years in the restaurant business, today the name Milan carries a great vision for this family embarking on a new adventure.

A New Beginning in Gatineau

This first restaurant was founded in Gatineau, inspired by the diverse community that exists. In the heart of the Gatineau Promenade near the Cinema 9 and the Arts Center ( Maison de la Culture ), Milan Gatineau is well located with lots of parking. With 8 flat screen HDTVs, 7 wireless cell phone chargers (Qi) and a LED bar that lights up at night, we are always looking to innovate and enrich the experience for the customers.

There are several specials including half off appetizers after 9pm every Friday and Saturday and there is also a children’s menu at 50% off every Sunday.